This section contains frequently asked questions and answers about eurie Desk.

Email (Message)

  • help_outlineTell me how to receive emails or messages.
  • help_outlineDoes it support “CC” recipients?

    Yes. If the received email contains CC email addresses, they will be set when you reply to the message.

  • help_outlineCan I set “BCC”?

    Currently, we do not provide a feature to set a specific email address in BCC. You can receive notifications when sending mail to the outside. You can also view sent messages on Inbox.

  • help_outlineCan I use it for a mass-email? (e.g. email magazine, marketing email)

    No, You can not use it for a mass-email. Even though it is intended for customer support, mass-email is prohibited.


  • help_outlineTell me about the domain used for sending and receiving emails.

    By default, domain is used to send and receive email.

  • help_outlineCan I receive emails using my original domain?

    Yes. Please set up forwarding settings to POP/SMTP servers (or an email service) which already operated using your original domain. Please refer to Mange enquiries using your original domai.

  • help_outlineCan I send emails using my original domain?

    Yes. You can send emails using your original domain after you complete the domain registration and approval process. Please refer to Mange enquiries using your original domai.

  • help_outlineWhy do I need to set DNS records to use my original domain?

    There are two reasons. It is the purpose of checking the ownership or administrator authority of the registered domain. Another reason is to reduce the risk that important your messages will be judged as spam email by some security systems. You need to set DNS records to enable Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domainkeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Attached File

  • help_outlineTell me about the size limit of attached file when I send a message.

    The limit is about 7MB/message. You can attache files lager than this limit.

  • help_outlineTell me about the size limit of attached file when eurie Desk receives a message.

    The first limit is about 30MB/message. If this limit is exceeded, the email is rejected and neither the attached file nor the message body is registered. And the second limit is about 7MB/file. If this limit is exceeded, the attached file is ignored. In this case, the message body is registerd.

  • help_outlineIs there a total capacity limit of attached files?

    We plan to limit about 25GB/account.

  • help_outlineWill you keep attached files securely?

    Yes. Attached files are stored in the secure and robust “Cloud”. We have adopted an architecture that allows only authorized users to access files. Even if someone knows URLs of files, unkown users who can not sign-in are not be able to access them.


  • help_outlineTell me about the pricing.

    Please refer Pricing Page.

  • help_outlineWhat kind of payment methods?

    We have supported credit cards payment. We are preparing a US Dollar payment plan for users in worldwide.

  • help_outlineTell me the payment cycle.

    In the case of a credit card payment, the contract will be automatically renewed in the cycle based on the contract term (e.g. monthly) of the plan from the start of it. Please keep in mind that the start of the contract is not the first day.

  • help_outlineIs the free trial plan automatically changed to paid plans?

    No, we will not change plan unless you register. During the free trial, no credit card required.

  • help_outlineTell me about cancellation of the account.

    You can cancel your subscription on the admin console. When account cancelation is accepted, we will stop providing the service at the timing based on our regulations. You need to pay service usage fee until the latest contract expiration.