Manage enquiries using default email address

This section explains how to manage enquiries using the default email address assigned to your account.

When you creat your account of eurie Desk, an email address is assigned to it. The format of it is yourAccountName +

If you have the admin role, you can always check the email address for receiving on the team settings page. To get more information about Team, refer to Team Setting

The email address for receiving is displayed in Email (Receive) column. In the above image example, it is

Receiving messages

Send an email to email address for receiving (e.g. using your email application.

If the email notification is enabled, notifications will be sent to email address you registered with eurie Desk.

If you have completed integration with your Slack, notifications will also be post to its channel.

You can jump directly to Inbox from links in a notification.

The message you sent is registered in eurie Desk. Let’s start customer support immediately.

Starting customer support

When a new enquiry message is arrives, Thread is created. Thread means the collection of messages.

Received or sent messages are listed in Messages.

Assigned is blank when Thread is created. Assign yourself.

Next step, change Status from ToDo to In-Progress to indicate that this Thread is being processed.

Then create a support message.

You can write a message in the editor.

The created message can be sent immediately (Send) or saved as drafts (Draft). Messages saved as drafts can not be viewed by other users.

Please check the message and recipients carefully, then send a message.

Completion of the first customer support

The response has arrived at the your email application.

Reply to it.

The sent email is registered as a new message in the existing Thread.

This Thread contains two received messages received and one sent message.

The customer support completed this time, change Status to Done.

That’s all. Congratulations!