Manage enquiries using your original domain email address

This section explains how to manage enquiries using the your original (custom) domain email address.

When you create eurie Desk account, one email address is assigned to your account. it is account-name-you-registered +

You can also use your original domain instead of domain. Settings are required for messages receiving and sending.

Receive messages using original domain

When you want to receive messages in eurie Desk using your original domain (e.g., Set up email forwarding settings with email service you are using or a STMP server.

For example, in the case of the assigned email address is, Set to forward emails arriving at to

Depending on an email service, there may be a choice of “Whether to save forwarded email”. You can decide which to choose, but it is recommended to set to save forwarded email.

The following image is an example of the email forwarding setting screen of Microsoft Office 365. In this example, a message sent to is forwarded

A Setting of email forwarding is depending on each service. Please refer a manual of a service you use.

Email forwarding Setting manuals about email forwarding (F.Y.R)

Send Message using original domain

To send messages using original domain, you need to complete the domain registration and approval process.

Please refer Domain Settings to know the domain management. Then refer to Team Settings to know how to set a original domain to a team.

Let’s support your customer using original domain

Once these setting processes are completed, processes of a customer support is same as Manage enquiries using default email address.