Quickly deploy a contact form

Public Form is a JavaScript module for easily deploying a contact form in your website or application. It is still a beta version. Messages posted in Public form will be registered in eurie Desk.

Example deploying Public Form

If you deploy Public Form, you and your customers can use the following contact form.

Enable Public Form

To enable Public Form, you need to set up on the system settings page.

  1. Enable Public Form
  2. Enter origins in Allowed Origins on the system setting.

To get more information about system settings, refer to System Settings.

Embed the tags

Embed the script tags in HTML of your web page.

<script src="https://cdn.eurie.io/libs/webcomponentsjs/0.7.22/webcomponents-lite.min.js" /></script>
<link rel="import" href="https://cdn.eurie.io/components/eurie-public-form/0.2.0/eurie-modal-form.html" />
<eurie-modal-form account-name="demo1" api-key="xxxxxxxxxx">Contact Us!</eurie-modal-form>
  1. Set the script tag to load JavaScript webcomponents-lite.min.js. it is same as webcomponents/webcomponentsjs.
  2. Set the link tag to load eurie-modal-form.html.
  3. Set the eurie-moda-form tag. some options is required.


local_offer account-name (requie)
Set your account name of eurie Desk. (e.g. demo1)
local_offer api-key (require)
Set the API Key that can be get on the System settings page.
local_offer team-id (optoinal)
if you are using secondary team(s), you can choose a target team to post a message. You can get team-id on the admin panel. If this parameter is ommited, message is posted to primary team.
local_offer default-subject (optional)
You can set default subject. If this parameter is ommited, subject is set to blank.

Enter some text or HTML tags between the start tag and the end tag.

If invalid account-name or api-key are enterd, or required parameters are omitted, an error occurs when submitting. Please be sure to confirm that the operation is normal.

Example embedding tags

  • Setting the default value to “About your product”
    default-subject="About your produc">
Contact Us!
  • Enbedding as a part of a list tag
    <li>User Terms</li>
        <eurie-modal-form account-name="demo1" api-key="xxxxxxxxxx">
        Contact Us!

Notes on design and layout

The design and layout of the Public Form can be changed by the outside CSS. It means that you can customize them, on the other hand, it also means that the layout may be broken. Please understand that the JavaScript widjet can not completely prevent style inherit.


This section explains errors when submitting.

local_offer The Origin of the request is not allowed.
The Allowed Origins in the system setting may be incorrect.

After enquiries are registered

After enquiries are registerd, Do customer support in the same operation asManage enquiries using default email addres.